How To Prepare Your Business For A New Year

A new year is about to start. A new decade is about to begin. With the Christmas rush, the holiday season and the winter months, there are so many distractions which can often get in the way. How do you stay focused and concentrate on the business? How do you start 2020 off on the right foot? Let’s have a look at how to prepare your business for a new year!

Review The Last 12 Months
A great way to plan for the year ahead is to see what has happened to the business over the previous year. See what your best months were, where you perhaps struggled and where you can make improvements. Look at the business accounts with your bookkeeper. How healthy are your finances? What month did you turn over the most sales? What were your best sellers? This information is invaluable when you plan for the next twelve months. You can see what worked, what didn’t work and tailor your plans for the next twelve months accordingly.
Plan For The Next Year
By looking back at the previous year, you can figure out how you’re going to approach the next year. Maybe you have ambitions to grow your business. Perhaps you want to take on a new member of staff to free your time up a little. Having a work life balance is very important and by having plans in place, you aren’t chasing your tail through spring into summer. Make a plan for 2020 and you’ll be able to work towards your business goals.
Tick Things Off Your List
Whilst those year long plans are important, it’s also integral to make sure you clear those little jobs off your list. Empty your inbox so it’s sparkling fresh for the start of the new year. File the paperwork that’s sitting on your desk. Tie up those loose ends to make sure you have a clear and focused mind for the year ahead. You don’t want to be playing catch up. Tick these things off your list now and enjoy your empty slate. Don’t leave things until January when the corporate world will be gearing up and hitting the ground running.
Contact Your Clients
During those winter months, you don’t want your previous clients to have forgotten all about you. Send an email wishing them the very best for the new year and you might get a reply asking for your services in January or February. Build up your work hours now, knowing you’ve got the business to pay your bills and wages through the first quarter of the year. If you’ve planned ahead you can give new customers the best possible first impression, without being distracted by things you haven’t got round to doing.
By spending some time preparing your business for the next twelve months you can sleep well, enjoy the last days of the holidays and welcome 2020 in style. When you understand the journey your business has been on over the last year you can focus on the fabulous future you’ve got coming. Be prepared and smash those new years goals!