Organise Your Bookkeeping This Festive Season

When the festive season arrives, so does a sleigh full of chaos for business owners. With only one month until Christmas Day, now is the time to organise yourself to ensure your accounts are as hassle free and easy as possible. Here are some top tips on how to organise your bookkeeping this festive season.

The silly season is notoriously busy. We seem to work harder and longer and if you’re going to be taking some time off with the family at Christmas, you need to make sure work is taken care of so you can enjoy a relaxing break. Accounts can always slip to the bottom of your naughty or nice list and other things can take precedence. One of the things that can easily go astray is business expenses.  
If you’re buying Christmas decorations to give your retail space a festive feel or you enjoy a Christmas meal together as you annual event, it’s far too easy to lose the receipts you need. If you’re not in the habit of doing so, have one safe and secure place where you keep your receipts. You’ll probably be too busy to do anything with them during December, but ensuring they are all there when you need them is paramount. Make a note to put them there at the end of every day so you slowly but surely integrate this into your daily routine.
By using cloud software, such as Xero, your figures are always ready when you need them. By embracing technology, records can be easily kept up to date by using paper or digital copies of receipts and invoices. Here at Bruton Young Bookkeeping, we are proficient with the latest and greatest online accounts software and can handle your accounts in this manner, or provide you with professional training so you know a little bit more about what you’re using.
With that said, turning to the professionals is sometimes key to your business thriving. If you’re an efficient plumber but don’t really know about your spreadsheets, free up your time for the things you are good at and actually enjoy, by working with a bookkeeper. We’ve been helping businesses in Hemyock and beyond with their accounts for almost a decade and would love to bring some Christmas cheer to your accounting.
If you are leaving your paperwork until the end of the month, or even into January after we’ve all celebrated the New Year, make sure you have dedicated a few minutes here and there so you know what everything is. There’s nothing worse than coming to your accounts and not knowing what receipt is for what, what you spent where and for what reason. Similarly, invoices for work you’ve done are kept in a better order if you give them a few minutes every week. Keep a note of what is what, write on the back of the receipt what it was for and send invoices as soon as you can to put the metaphorical ‘ball’ in the court of the payee. You’ll have a clearer picture of how the business has done over the last month and won’t forget important things. Organise your bookkeeping this festive season with a little help from Bruton Young Bookkeeping, freeing up your time to rock around the Christmas tree.