Is Your Bookkeeping A Trick Or A Treat?

Boo! Halloween is here and the annual fright night will no doubt involved dunking for apples and a few scary masks. In terms of business, Halloween is huge. It’s one of the most celebrated days of the year and there are loads of promotions based around it and products available to buy. Whether you’re in the Halloween market or not, is bookkeeping a trick or a treat for you and your business?
The one thing you don’t want your bookkeeping service to do is scare the living daylights out of you. You don’t want clowns. You want your bookkeeper to be the person that answers your door and hands out delicious sweets. The creative pumpkin carvers, the fabulous fancy dress wearers, the ones who host the party and really nail the event. Of course these are just illustrations. Halloween being your business with the bookkeepers you employ really understanding and getting a grasp of your accounts.
Whilst every good business needs an occasional jolt so they don’t rest on their laurels, the health of the business is paramount. It’s survival, not quite the same as running from zombies but survival none the less. It’s not only about keeping on top of your accounts, but understanding them fully to help you run and grow the business you created. A good bookkeeper will keep books up to date, submit tax returns in a timely fashion and maximise those expense allowances. Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business and the last thing you want is a vampire bite to the neck to haemorrhage funds.
Making sure everything is clear and concise, honest and available is part of running an effective business. If you know the wellbeing of your business you can make informed decisions to help the business progress and thrive. No one wants the ghosts in their office closet, haunting their days, as sooner or later they’ll find a way out and impact the business.
The heart of your business needs protecting, with a stake made of knowledge and numbers. Knowing where money is coming into your accounts from and where it is spent is just part of it. Bookkeepers work with a range of clients and have information and ideas you’ve perhaps not thought of. They’ll point the flickering flashlight in the direction of any potential financial threats. They’ll take the money worries away from you leaving you to deal with the running of your company. They’ll organise and submit your tax returns with no errors which could mean delays and fines. They’re the Daryl Dixon to your Rick Grimes, the Gale Weathers to your Sidney Prescott.
Don’t hide in the corner, arm yourself with the best weapon and face your financial demons head on. A good bookkeeper can be hard to find but could be the difference between restless nightmares and sweet dreams. Don’t be like the skeleton who had no body.
If you require professional bookkeeping services and a ‘witch’ that stands out from the crowd, please contact Clare at Bruton Young Bookkeeping. It will be a treat indeed! Enjoy your Halloween.