Cost of Living Crisis

Aren't we all a little worried at the moment?

Energy prices, inflation and interest rates are set to cripple many people. An eminent psychiatrist has said that anxiety, depression and suicide rates are all going to hit an all-time high in the next 18 months. 

Even if you're running a successful business with plenty of profit, it's only natural that you'll worry about the changes that are happening in the UK economy. 

Now, we can't help you earn more money, and we can't help you to pay your bills. After all, we don't have a big pot of money. It would be fabulous if we did. 

What we can do though, is help you to only pay the tax you should be paying, and not a penny more. We can also advise on how to talk to HMRC to perhaps spread those payments. Contrary to popular belief, HMRC actually does want to help. 

Every self employed person has a tax bill, and if we don't plan for those, then they can come as a shock. It's tax return season right now, and so many people leave it until 31st January to submit their tax return. I totally understand not wanting to know the damage to your finances, but it's so much easier if you deal with it before it becomes a huge problem. 

Whatever business you are in, you will have business expenses. Do you know what you're entitled to claim? That's where we can help. Claim everything you're entitled to, but no more. 

Have you even submitted your 2022 tax return yet? If not, the deadline of 31st January may seem a long way away but believe me, it has a habit of creeping up on you!

Contact us today for impartial, confidential help or just a chat about how tough things are. We love to talk to small business owners.