Business Electricity

​Business Electricity Rates & How To Lower Yours

Businesses live and die on the amount of money they bring in and the amount of money they spend. 

If there is more going out than coming in, the business will eventually fail. This is why we, as business owners, need to look at the amount of money we're spending and find ways to reduce that. We need to look at the cash flow

One of the areas we spend money is on energy. The lights that we turn on at the beginning of the day. The energy that it takes to boil the kettle for your mid morning coffee. The radiators around your office which are filled with water, heated by gas. Energy prices are going through the roof. There is an energy price crisis right now. Let's have a look at business electricity rates, the price we pay for gas and how to lower yours.

Change Supplier

The first thing to do is make sure you are with the cheapest supplier. Business electricity rates are on the increase, as are gas prices. The lowest price now is way above the highest price maybe a year ago. You might be overpaying with your current provider, especially if you aren't on a special offer and have reverted to a standard tariff. If you can lock in at a price you are happy with you might be able to see this energy price crisis through without paying too much extra. Some might be actually pay less by being on the standard tariff. Different people are in different situations. However there will be people who have to choose between eating and heating this year. It is a real problem.

Some companies are on the brink of going bust and there will be some that are still trading at the time of writing, which may have collapsed by the time this is uploaded and read. If your energy company does go bust, don't worry. Your supply will not be stopped. You will simply be moved to another provider. You can then switch from them if you wanted to. Tariffs that are there now, might not be available in an hours time as things are changing quickly. Now is the time to try and find ways to save money.

Switch Off

It's often more convenient to leave lights on, even if you're not in the room. If you spend most of the day in the shop, switch off the office lights. Switch off the computer and electronics which you aren't using there and then. We're not saying to not have the radio on or for your shoppers to browse your products in the dark. Just look what areas where you can switch off and save cash. Switch appliances off when you aren't using them.

Wrap Up

It's tempting to turn up the thermostat rather than putting on a jumper. Use the clothes you have first and you'll get warmer much quicker. If you are sat at a laptop or stood behind a counter all day, you can get cold. Get up and move around regularly and make sure you utilise thick socks and layers. It's also worth looking at the patterns in your working week. If you don't usually get anyone coming into the shop after 4pm on a Thursday, shut up shop earlier and you'll gain an hour or time with the family and pay less business electricity rates.

Make Little Changes

It can be tempting to fill the kettle to the top, even if you're only boiling water for one cup of tea. However that energy is going to cost you. You're paying for electricity to heat more water than you need. Use those lines on the side of the kettle to ensure you only boil what you need to. Take a shorter shower before work, or do your showering at the gym instead. If you are freelance and work from a coffee shop every now and then, take your chargers and plug in! Charge your phone and laptop whilst you enjoy your cappuccino.

Businesses seem to be up against one thing, then another. Hurdle after hurdle. If you're still going, keep going. It's going to be difficult but you've got this.