Going Self Employed - Top Tips

Many people have opted for a complete lifestyle overhaul recently and decided to go self-employed. This can be a wonderful thing, something that you might have wished you'd done much sooner. However, there could be difficult times coming up. Obstacles that you may not have thought about, issues that will arise which you will have to face head on. By planning and knowing a few things that will be coming up you can make your change to this new status of work run a bit smoother. Let's have a look at some top tips when you're going self-employed.

Plan, Plan, Plan

You need to know what you are doing when. If you're giving up your job and going self-employed you need to have a plan in place. It might not be a case of simply giving up your job and starting something up on the same day. There will likely be a crossover period, maybe where you are setting up your self-employed business alongside your normal job. This means you can continue to earn a pay packet whilst establishing your new work. This is a sensible move, and you might give yourself a three, six or maybe even twelve month timescale for this transition.

Your Brand Is You, You Are Your Brand

Sort out your brand so it gives the exact impression you want it to. Your customers and clients will be buying into this brand and if you are a one-man band starting a new business, you are the brand. They need to like you, like the brand and ultimately like the products or services you have. Get a professional to set this up for you. Yes, it will cost money but don't forget that this branding will be seen across your business. From your online presence to your packaging, business cards to billboards! It's an investment but one which, if done properly, can help your business take many steps forward.

Figure Out Your Market

When you are going self-employed you need to figure out the market you are going to be targeting. Going into this blind will cause more problems for you and your new venture. When you identify the clients that you will be working with, the audience who will need your products and the other businesses your services will assist, you can start on the journey to becoming successful.

Take Time Out

It's no coincidence that a lot of our best ideas come to us in the shower. We are away from the screen, the paperwork, the shop counter and our minds are free to properly think. Take time out, not only for new ideas to flourish, but for your mind to rest too. You are going self-employed for the challenge yes, but for the freedom of the shackles of the 9-5 job too. Don't bury yourself under mountains of paperwork, work 20 hours a day and try and take on every task yourself. You aren't setting up your business to become an expert in bookkeeping, so find help! Get in touch if you want to! Make some time for you and your family, for enjoying hobbies and seeing some of the world!

This is going to be fun but frantic time in your career, but one that you'll love. Going self-employed isn't for everyone, but for those who put their mind to it, have a business they understand and figure out a good work life balance, the world is your oyster.