Get on Your Bike

Office workers and business owners are soon to start returning to the workplace. As the vaccine schedule continues and restrictions fade away, we'll hopefully soon be back to some sort of normality. Have you considered how you'll commute to your job when you no longer work from home? Perhaps you've been unsure about public transport and have less money right now to pay for parking your car? Have you thought about getting yourself a commuter bicycle?

Saddle Up

Did you know that during 2020 there was a shortage of bikes? More and more people took up cycling as a hobby, to get out and about and help their physical and mental health. However, this meant there was a shortage of bikes as demand outweighed supply. Bicycles are available again though and a bike could be a fantastic way to commute. You'll stay in shape and save time waiting for and money to pay for public transport. Swapping your car for a commuter bicycle will mean you get through traffic jams quicker, you pump fewer fumes into the air and you don't have to pay for car parking.

Cycling Schemes

If you're thinking about cycling into work, there are schemes available which give you discounts on equipment. Encouraging you to use pedal power on your commute. The Government Cycle to Work scheme has many benefits for both employee and employer. The benefits for employees include being happier and healthier, getting huge discounts on bikes and equipment and saving farewell to expensive and unreliable public transport. For employers, you'll notice a reduction in staff absences and increased productivity from your employees. You can get set to go green and boast about this in your business objectives. Fewer car spaces to pay for and less of an impact on the environment with more staff cycling.

A New Chapter

This could be the start of something new for you. A new passion for cycling, a new outlook on your health. A new way of working and living and perhaps a better work-life balance. Maybe the increase in bike demand has made you think about getting a slice of that money spent. Could you set up in business supplying the commuter bicycle? Something to think about if you're looking for a new venture!

There are loads of benefits of the commute bicycle, for both the person pedalling and the business owners they're working for. Could you implement a cycle scheme at your office or is there one already available which you can take part in? Start cycling to work!