Small Business Ideas

2020 has been an unusual year, putting it politely. As we edge closer to the end of the furlough scheme and the self-employment payments finishing, maybe you’re considering starting your own business. It could be the case that you’re unemployed or you have lost all your clients. With that in mind, how do you fancy starting your own business? Let’s look at a handful of ideas about what small businesses you could start in the second half of this year.
Use The Extra Language
If you were one of those people who listened to the teachers at school who said you’ll never be jobless if you can speak a second language, you’re laughing now. If you’re able to speak Spanish, Italian, French or maybe something out of Europe like Japanese or Mandarin, your skills are wanted. You could set up as a teacher, passing on that knowledge to other people so they can learn the basics before a holiday. You could provide online courses so people can buy them, download them and learn in their own time. Those skills could also be used as a translator for document work or during meetings for live translation. There are many ways you can use the skills of having a second language on your tongue.
Virtual Assistant
If you have a laptop and are able to use social media sites or are a half decent typist, you can become a freelance virtual assistant. A virtual assistant helps other businesses and business people run their companies. They take certain jobs off the hands of business owners so they can concentrate on what they feel is more important. Social media sites are important, customer service is important, responding to emails is important but it’s all time. When you’re working 10 hours a day already, freeing yourself up from these jobs can offer many benefits. This is where well priced virtual assistants are worth their weight in gold.
Having been stuck indoors for so long, how about a job which takes you into the outdoors? Many people have gardens but simply don’t have to time to keep on top of them. Many gardeners turn up in vans. Of course this can be an extra expense to buy, or lease and keep on the road with fuel, tax and insurance. There is a gardener around these parts who rides a bike and has a little trolley attached to the back of it for his tools. He might not look as professional as someone turning up in a branded vehicle but he also has less overheads to cover with his fee. If there are people in your community who need hedges trimmed, grass mowed and weeds kept on top of, you can earn up to £150 a day. That could be £750 a week or more if you work Saturdays too! Don’t forget Bruton Young Bookkeeping can help you with your accounts.
If you’re facing redundancy and want to become a little bit more in charge of your own destiny, setting up your own business is a great way to do that. Find a business in an area that is booming and let’s watch your venture flourish.