Become Your Own Boss

Many of us have a dream to become our own boss. That dream is often tricky to turn into reality and it requires a lot of effort and hard graft. It is attainable though and if you follow these top tips, you’ll be able to tell people that you are indeed your own boss.

Why Do You Want To Become Your Own Boss
One of the first things to question yourself on is why. Why do you want to become your own boss? It’s a far cry from saying it to actually doing it. If you say it as an off the cuff comment because your boss is doing your head in, it’s probably not a good reason to throw in your job and try and make your own business work. If it’s a niggling feeling you’ve had for a while, one that you can’t shake off, there’s something in that.
Do Your Homework
If you intend to put all your eggs in one basket and go out on your own, launching your own business, you need to do your homework. The more research you can do the better. Look at potential competitors, how they work, what their prices are, as much information as you can find. The more knowledge you have the better equipped you will be. You should be able to answer all the questions you have about the area of business you’re wanting to launch in and this research should put you in the mindset that this will work and you’ve made the right decision.
Preparation Is Key
Taking that leap into only having your own business to support you can be scary but it’s liberating too. Being prepared is key. You’re only going to have this source of income to live on, so having a safety net or emergency fund can be crucial. Have realistic expectations, understand your outgoings and how long you can last without making any money. Where will you find your work? How much will you charge? Knowing all these things put you on the right footing. Don’t be afraid to put a time limit on how long you can give this a go for. If you haven’t made it work within 18 months, don’t be afraid to walk away. Wise people understand that walking away is sometimes the best option, foolish folk keep ploughing in money that they don’t have. Remember, not all businesses work and you should be prepared for that too.
Find Advice And Support
Surrounding yourself with advice and support is one of the top ways to make a success when you become your own boss. You need people who know what they’re talking about, that you trust, that can do a good job for you. From websites, to tech support, to a bookkeeper, to business advice, to mentoring and coaching. A network of people around you who offer a culture of support not competition can help your dreams become reality.
Press The Button
Once you feel ready, simply press the button. That could be the send button of your resignation email, or the publish button on your new website. All of the work you’ve done leading up to this will be dead and buried if it doesn’t lead you somewhere. If you decide to test the waters and launch whilst still being employed, that’s completely your decision, maybe a sensible one if you have a family to support. You can always turn working in evenings into working full time once youve established that it’s going to completely work. Whatever you have to do, whatever baby steps you have to put into place to get to where you want to be, take them. Become your own boss and never look back!