How To Survive Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you are running a small business you will be worried, scared and anxious about how to survive in the current climate. Not just from a health point of view, but from a financial aspect too.

I am far more concerned personally about the lasting financial impact of this crisis than the health implications. 

Things To Do

Cut Your Costs 

This is a biggie. Review your bank accounts, credit cards and PayPal accounts immediately to pinpoint where there are expenditures that you can reduce or cancel completely. Are you still paying for software or insurances that you are not using? Cancel them, immediately!

Do you have people providing services to you that are not absolutely essential? I have a cleaner who I will try to keep on but if I have to cancel her to save my own business there isn't really a choice. 

Shop around for services such as energy providers, mobile telephone, television services etc and where possible, switch contracts to cheaper ones.

If you have staff, can you negotiate with them to keep them on but perhaps on reduced hours? It is better to have a job at the end of all of this than end up unemployed. Your employees may be receptive to this. 

Look After Yourself

It's entirely natural to feel stressed and anxious. Particularly if social contact is minimal you may not have the same outlets as usual to destress and relax. My favoured methods of relaxing are Headspace, yoga and watching rubbish telly! Find the hobby or activity that soothes you the most and use it. Even if it's just having a hot bath or reading a good book, do it. Take the time. It doesn't matter if you have to plonk the kids in front of a movie while you do it. This situation is temporary but the damage could become permanent if you don't practise self-care.


Although face to face communication is discouraged as I write this, there are many other ways of communicating with your circle. This era of technology means that communication is easier than ever. Apps that can help are FaceTime, WhatsApp, Messenger and don't forget the good old fashioned telephone call! Make sure you maintain links to your social circle and check on how they are doing. 

Also, don't forget, we are at the end of the telephone and can always be free for a chat, even if you're not a client. If you're concerned about your business, please get in touch for a chat and we will do what we can to help you - for FREE. 

Let's work together and support each other at this difficult time.

Stay safe and healthy