What Business Lessons Can We Learn From An Easter Egg Hunt?

With Easter just around the corner, you might be taking part in seasonal merriment including family roast dinners, community egg rolling and even chocolate Easter egg hunts. With every experience we learn something and that gores for all of us, not just children. What business lessons can we learn from an Easter egg hunt this year? Let’s take a look!

Eggs Are Customers
Let’s say that there are 50 eggs hidden around the garden. In bushes, in branches, in the arms of garden gnomes. Then ten egg hunt participants run around with colourful baskets trying to collect them. The law of averages says that 50 between 10 is 5 each. That’s not going to happen though. There will be people who get more, people who get less and probably a few tears too! In business, there are only a certain amount of jobs to quote on, customers who will be buying products. It can be tempting to run around and try to get every single job or sell to every customer. This can exhaust you though. Slow down and look around, you might just get one egg, but it might be the tastiest and biggest egg of them all!
Who Are You Elbowing Out The Way?
Be mindful that whilst you’re running around searching for eggs, you might be elbowing some other people out of the way. Whilst there is a saying that business is dog-eat-dog, it doesn’t have to be. Why not collaborate rather than compete? Working together can have many benefits. Imagine one of the eggs is high in a tree and everyone is reaching out their arms in an attempt to grab it. Try as they might, no one can reach, until two people work together, one gives the other a knee to stand on and then they split the goodies. Sometimes you’ll elbow folk out the way who you then need to rely on at a later date, but they will remember that elbowing.
Step Out Of The Game And Make Your Own
Sometimes stepping out of the hustle, bustle and chaos of the race that everyone else is running is the best thing to do. Forget the fighting for the finite objects hidden around and go and make your own. Sometimes the success is sweeter when you create something for yourself, when you run your own race. Do something that only you can do. Find a niche, let customers discover you, fall in love with what you offer and let them come to you with their friends rather than you crawling around arguing over scraps. Make your own game with bigger and better eggs whilst the others are fighting over the little ones.  
Who would have thought a simple Easter egg hunt could have so many business lessons? Whilst it’s a problem solving, exercise promoting and teamwork building task for children, there are things we can all take from Easter egg hunts. So when you’re munching on a Creme Egg on Easter Sunday, know that there are business lessons in everything. Look for them and learn from them.