Don't Just Shop On Price

We all want to get the best price on the things we buy and on our investments. When you’re in business,  every penny counts when it comes to your cash flow projections and monthly accounts. You might sometimes be tempted by the cheapest quote but think again. The cheapest isn’t always the best and there is a well-known quote which goes “buy cheap, buy twice.”

If you’re happy to take the cheapest quote for work done, you are likely to find yourself asking yourself why you did. Cheapness often affects the quality of the work, the time taken to do the work and how punctually the work is delivered. There is a huge difference between shopping for cheap and shopping for value. With value, you reap quality work, delivered at the agreed time, at the right price for all parties involved.
Consider working with a service, for our example we’ll go with bookkeeper, that charges a specific fee for everything. If you go down the hourly route, you don’t know how much you’ll end up paying, even if the hourly price is cheap. Here at Bruton Young Bookkeeping we have three packages of monthly prices. These prices are set so you know what is included and how much it will be. This lets you budget and work out what you can afford and see the benefits of the service, regardless of how long it takes us to do the work.
You might consider our Bronze package which includes bookkeeping and self-assessment but doesn’t include a quarterly phone meeting or the collation of your final accounts. You might not need that. Different people want different things but if you want everything taken off your hands whilst knowing how much that will set you back, we can do that, for a fixed fee. Our Gold package is the bookkeeping service which takes all the hassle away from you, so you can focus on the reason you started the business and do the work you love. That is value because you’re getting a great trustworthy service for a price you’re happy with. Cheap services will so often start to add extras for more money or cut corners to do less work so they can take on more customers.
For top quality bookkeeping at a fair monthly price, get in touch with Clare at Bruton Young Bookkeeping today.