What You Think You Need vs What You Actually Need

There are some things in life that you think you need. This is also true in business. You think you need this and that but actually our business goggles are clouding our vision. Blocking out what we actually need. As a business owner, do you know what you need, or are you still stuck in the thinking zone? Let’s take a look at what you think you need and what you actually need!

What You Think You Need
So often, if you’re running a business you think that you need more sales and more time. Extra hours to run your business and get your day to day things done and more sales to bring more money in. Money and time. Does this strike a chord with you? How are you doing in these sectors? Maybe you obsess about them? Maybe the lack of them bring you down? The reality is that you can focus on these until the cows come home and drive yourself silly. These are the two key areas which have been around ever since businesses began. In our modern day world we often get obsessed with our business social media following. Does the more followers we have equate to success? It depends on what you define success as. These likes and followers are just a number and they add more unnecessary pressure that you really don’t need.
What You Actually Need
So what do you actually need? What are the things that we really need in our business life. Some of these cross over to our home life too but let’s focus on work. You need a brand strategy. Having a strategy gives you a plan, something to work to and go back to. Better prioritisation and organisation is another key area which you actually need. Prioritising what you need to do, when you need to do it as well as organising your work life. Be it your cluttered desk or your accounts. This might knock on to the realisation that you need fewer projects. Free yourself from the unprofitable projects you find yourself lumbered with and focus on the ones that really work. Increased support is a big one too. If you do keep what many consider to be bread and butter projects, you perhaps need support to grow and not find yourself bogged down in mundane work. Let’s talk about our audience. Whatever your audience is they need to be connected. That’s in the real world as well as the online one. Take social media numbers for example. Would you rather have 100,000 followers who never buy anything or interact with your content, or 100 followers who are dedicated to your brand and are actual customers? The answer is obvious. Let’s go back to what you think you need, the more sales and more time. These are by-products of what you actually need, which is more profit. You can sell thousands of items or services but if there is no profit, you’re wasting time. The time spent on your work and the sales gained need to make you a profit, for you to pay bills and give yourself a wage.
Next time you find yourself feeling down about what you think you need not working out, focus on what you actually need to enjoy and succeed in this world of business.